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When I started up the game and went to the first level, all of the platforms were a bright pink, do you think you know what the problem is? 

Try re downloading the game. If re downloading doesn't work, you could try updating DirectX:

If that doesn't work, make sure you are using a dedicated graphics card to render the game, that might be a cause.(?)

Some here, I think that an option to disable gfx filter effect could solve this issue.

Why is this game so good?


This is what happens when you REALLY want to win a game jam.

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I've seen a video of this and it looked amazing and solid. Downloading right away.

One question though: could you offer a Linux download too, please? I'm fairly sure the Windows build will work with Wine, but natively compiled versions of games tend to work a little better, especially when it comes to controller support.

Edit: yeah, gamepad support is right out when using Wine, also weird performance issues where the frame rate goes to <1 FPS occasionally for no reason :(


So the game is fantastic for the few minutes I could play! haha

However, I'm unable to bind any inputs to my controller, and the Yo-yo abilities aren't functioning.. I downloaded the MAC build and overtime i try and set inputs for my PS3 controller, a pop up titled "Input Configuration"comes up with the phrase "Press the button or key for [ACTION]" and it appears to have a loading animation in the window and it doesn't stop when I press a key or button.  Do you have any idea whats going on?

I have the same problem. Pls Help.

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Incredible game, Music and sound on point (as the kids say), and Domino dungeon has level design to rival the water temple! (both that it's hard, but also incredibly well thought out.)

Unfortunately, I closed the game half way through Domino Dungeon and was not warned that door unlocks aren't saved, If you don't have the time to save door and switch positions, maybe a warning for that level when you're about to quit, it's pretty long.
Oh, and a link to this might make the ending more satisfying Domino's App feat. M」.

But seriously, you have all outdone yourselves, I guess 2017 really is the year for good 3d platformers.
Simply fantastic work team! The new arcane kids are in town.

Fantastic game! Thanks so much for doing this gamejam. I hope that, eventually, those pepperonis and C.D.s add up to something. Maybe a True Ending or the like.

I can only hope this becomes an official Domino's game and gets ported to N64 or PS1 :-)


Incredibly believable game - watched Vinny's stream of it and even after the glitched guy talking about how everyone's trapped in the system, I still couldn't tell if this was seriously a lost PS1 game or not until I clicked the link and saw the itchio page stating it wasn't :P

Lots of people has said this already, but you've done an amazing job on this!


Hey, I made an account to ask a question here because I can't seem to find any contact info for you guys, nor can i find any fixes for this on google, anywhere.

I tried to rebind a control or two for my game-pad in the "input" tab on the unity launcher and after doing so my controls no longer work.  The game seems to automatically reset my movement keys to the d-pad, backwards.  The yoyo-button either won't bind to the key i bind it to, or it will, but automatically stop working half-way through playing, and the dab button seems to be attached to an "axis," on the triggers and gets the noid stuck in the animation forever unless i release it very slowly.  The dab thing isn't too important, but the other controls are legitimately not working and it's rendered the game completely unplayable.  I've tried deleting it and redownloading the game from here but the controls are still saved, despite me being unable to find any "noid" or "unity" labelled things on my pc that would store these presets.

Can you help me fix this?  I was excited to try this out and it's frustrating me that i can't play it due to these bugs.


So digging a little deeper into this, looks like other people have run into similar problems with other Unity games. It looks like on Windows Unity stores player preferences in the registry... which seems asinine to me. I don't know how comfortable you are with editing the registry but it appears you'll have to go in there and either edit it or just delete the keys related to input from there then just restart the player:

"On Windows, PlayerPrefs are stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\[company name]\[product name] key, where company and product names are the names set up in Project Settings."

I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

I'll look into this and see what I can do.  In the mean-time, I just about managed to get something playable going. It's not ideal, but even if I can't figure this out I should be able to play.  Thank you for the quick response!  And good luck to you guys on any future projects, this has been pretty fun so far.

I'm having this issue too. Do you know what the Company Name and Product Names are for this game?


what you want to do is type regedit into the search bar and open it

then you go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sofware\\Yo! Noid2: Enter the Void

from there, you can just highlight all the controls and delete them, and the next time you open the game they will be back to default.


This game is legitimately incredible and I hope members of the team will consider working with each other again to produce a fully original 5th-gen 3D platformer that we never knew we wanted.

You guys are all immensely talented -- thank you for putting this together.


Absolutely great game. Honestly, it's one of the best 3D platformers I've ever played.

You guys should add a Linux build. As for gameplay, each level should have time rankings and a pizza counter. It would give incentive on collecting pizzas and speedrunning.


There are some problems when we build out to Linux, but it's something I definitely want to support. I'll update with more info if it becomes available.

This game is awesome! Are you still working on it more or is it FINISHED finished? Will you be making a manual? What are the pizza coins for? And how do I beat the Domino Dungeon, aaagh!?


Forget the Domino Dungeon. The final boss is nearly IMPOSSIBLE with a keyboard, and I don't own any compatible controllers... ;n;

Yeah I gotta agree with that, that final boss took me like 17 minutes and it wasn't really the best time either.   I still had a fun time though with the rest of the game and I've been playing it a lot these past few days!

My biggest questions are if the coins have a use, and if this will have either a sequel or an expansion because it is awesome!

the 'ronies say "pizza" when you collect them and that's their purpose


Hello! Love this. I kind of wrecked the control inputs trying to get an 8bitdo pro controller mapped. It ended up not working well anyways with the joysticks not behaving correctly. Don't really expect a fix for that, but would be nice to be able to reset the inputs to default! That or edit the input names as I'm not sure which I actually need. Playing with a 360 controller now and not sure if I'm missing buttons.

I played through the game but a soft lock keeps happening at the end where dice will not spawn after avoiding the floor traps. Its happened twice now at different parts of that level. Its a decent game for what it is but I will not be able to finish it until that bug has been fixed.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We are working on a patch to address this, alongside many others issues with the game. Please stay tuned! 

There is an issue with the game not detecting my controller. It can detect the joysticks, but everything else doesn't respond. I am using a macbook, if that is of any help.

So I finally got through what I can only assume is pretty much the entirety of Domino Dungeon, I have the red key, and suddenly the ceiling-mounted platforms that lead to the red door have vanished and I can't continue.

Is there somewhere to submit this? I can't believe how much time I just wasted on that level for it to bug out on me.

If it is what I think it is, It isn't a bug. If you looked around, you would have seen them elsewhere.

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holy smokes I've been itching to try to figure out how to 3D platformer good with unity and I definitely wanna take some pointers from this

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We didn't have the Noid here in Brazil back in the days (Domino's Pizza only got here in the 2000s) but I knew the character from the original game on the NES, which I loved (and managed to beat)! Actually took me a long while to find out he was a mascot.

This game is amazing! Tight controls, great level design, intriguing story. I love the fact that there are (almost) no enemies, this is really unusual for a platformer, but works like a charm.


noid-chan is great


This game is like a good pizza.


Some of the spinning platforms on the space rock are finicky as heck, also took me around 5 years to realize I just needed to yo-yo the rocket. Tubular game so far otherwise.


I'm loving what I've played so far! My only issue is that when I'm on the launcher and I attempt to modify the inputs, the launcher becomes unresponsive and I'm unable to change anything. I'm using a PS4 controller to play on the Mac build, and it's still playable with the gamepad! But there are a few issues with how certain inputs are mapped that make it a little difficult. 

Still, it's a wonderfully put together game with tight controls and a lot of charm. It's amazing what a group of talented people can manage in a month!

Awesome game, what do i do after talking to the tomato under the crust of Pizz Lanet?

Nevermind, I watched a speedrun and figured it out. I guess I had the wrong key. They all look the same tho.

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The key needed to activate the rocket has since been recolored green, as has the door to the rocket's switch.

What do I do with the dice?

think along the lines of the mario 64 bowser fights

think along the lines of the mario 64 bowser fights

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This game is awesome! Do you work for or are you connected to Arcane Kids? This game really reminds me of their work, especially "Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective" (y'know, playing as a dead mascot in a seemingly innocent world that's actually pretty f***ed up)



I just get a pink screen when I start it. Any help?

What platform are you on? We're in the middle of uploading some new builds, so sorry for the inconvenience.

Windows 7, 32 bit if that matters.


I found the dab button




This game looks super well made...I am also super terrible at it.

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this game is really fun! everything about it so far is enjoyable








Not even joking, this is probably one of the best platformers I've ever played. Great job, developers. I can't wait to see what y'all have in store.


nico nico noid


Did you know that Dominos stopped using the Noid as their mascot after Kenneth Lamar Noid held up a pizza joint and forced them to make him pizza, thinking the Noid ads were a personal attack against him? Pretty interesting stuff.

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