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im having some problems downloding the game

get yourself a .rar file exporter

I never noticed the New Game + feature before!! Did a Green run. Now I need to figure out what the other three mysteries are...

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Hey, is there a way I can invert the camera's y-axis?


this could be a ps1 game.

Deleted post

Guys! I found secret pizza chicken where Anais is.

Also that unreachable cable lift behind a wall near the space rocket? And also that house you only see when you're flying off to the moon? How do you get there! And is it possible to unlock more than one new character for New Game +? That's all I have to say to this long dead comment section, thank you. Game's great.


yo noid regular mode: ps one graphics


Does anybody have a list of the Unity plugins used? I THINK they were in the endgame credits. 

finally i have beaten this game it was pretty fun and pretty good too

Please make a bigger collect-a-thon game, It would be incredibly awesome!



one of the most influential video games ever made

How do I play this? Trying to click it simply flashes the command window, then nothing.


Thank you for making this. Its made my day better


Can you build a Mac version of the remaster?

We're working on it! Apologies for the delay.

When you're done with Mac, mabe you could do Linux too?

umm i dunno what to do about the controls since the only conroler i have is ps 3 controller only the left analog seems to work halp pls

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Deleted 4 years ago


I think I've got my gamecube controller firing properly, I can send you a screenshot of my bindings I think? (I'm using the official adapter and the driver built for it)


Recorded a playthrough, had a blast! Well, other than the temple, lol. The use of the retro aesthetic was really on point, few games handle that half as well.

Are the joycons compatible with this? Im having some trouble with it, I cant really change the inputs and the only thing i can do with the joycons is jump, im on the mac build btw. Thanks!

Indeed this is good, i'd like to know on what engine this was made because of some cool details like the textures stretching from the Playstation, this is a neet little detail, i wonder how it was made 



Finally beat this wonderful game. Thank you so much!

I downloaded the Mac version and when the opening cutscene finishes, the gameplay doesn't show up, it's blocked by a black screen. I've tried every resolution possible, and it still won't work. Can you fix this?


Picked it up expecting an interactive shitpost but got a genuinely enjoyable and incredibly well put together game instead. The shitposting just adds to it.

I downloaded this game for the shits after seeing a giant noid on Harrison's twitter that someone retweeted, but this game is legitimately awesome! Hats off to the whole team.


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I have a question:

Will this run on my PC?


Intel HD Graphics (1st Gen)

Intel Core i3 M370 2.4 GHz



Never Mind it does when on non-HD resolutions.

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The wall-running wall-jumping rope-swinging combo platforming is too fun. I haven't played a ton of 3D games that have this many moves. I felt as though this got me a little closer to platformer enlightenment. Seriously, from a technical standpoint this is pretty impressive. I have no clue how to code most of these type of physics.

EDIT: Looking at the credits I found a Unity plugin, Super Character Controller. Gotta check this out...

For some reason, when playing with an x-box controller the buttons don't work. And when I did a controller test it showed all of the buttons working perfectly. Can anyone elaborate?

For some reason, Unity reads XBox controllers wrong. Because the XBox controllers have analogue triggers, Unity counts them as analogue sticks, and maps walking to them. When I tried with my controller, pressing down the right trigger both moved the camera down and made me move right, while letting go of the right trigger moves the camera up and makes me move left. I'm pretty sure you can fix it in the input tab when launching the game (Although, doing so on my mac causes the program to freeze)


it won't let me download


For some reason my X-Box controller won't work properly with the game! Left is up and right is down! Down is left and up is right! What's going on?

I thought I'd pop this game in for a few minutes and have a few chuckles and found myself playing for over an hour now. The devs captured the essence of a Playstation One era game almost perfectly. Hats off to you! Can't wait to cover this and other food chain based games in an upcoming Pixel Pals on!


I wish I were the Noid IRL.

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Have you ever wanted to live a fever dream? Have you ever wanted to feel the ripples and shifts in reality as though they were ripples and shift in your own flesh? Have you ever wanted to glitch out on the corner of a staircase? Have you ever wanted to feel the embrace of something you don't understand, something entirely new, yet somehow familiar?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, please play this game, for you will find the answers within, as I have.


This is not just a game. It is a the slice that awakens your higher conscience. I am now one with the sauce that binds the layers of our multiverse together. I see the whole pie now not just a narrow ill informed slice. You my be annoid at first but if you play you will see. 

so good

Help ! I'm unable to bind any inputs to my controller, and the Yo-yo abilities aren't functioning.. I downloaded the MAC build and overtime i try and set inputs for my PS3 controller, a pop up titled "Input Configuration"comes up with the phrase "Press the button or key for [ACTION]" and it appears to have a loading animation in the window and it doesn't stop when I press a key or button.  Do you have any idea whats going on?

Unfortunately, the version of Unity the game is built in has issues with input config on Macs...


How in the world do you run this? Do I need a separate program that can play RAR. files???

extract using winrar, 7zip, etc, then the executable file should be inside, double click that 2 play

I'm decently surprised. I expected a small, 30 minute or so project with maybe one or two things going for it, but nothing special.

Instead, I got a really good game, with tight controls, cool game mechanics, an interesting setup, and good music and sound design.

I would pay money for something like this.

Honestly so amazing and so inspiring.

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