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This game is pretty nice, I love the art style, the gameplay and the story. It's fun to play, and I hope there's a third game of it.


How can I 100% swing factory?
It doesnt work for me


Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Apparently on the final boss, If you catch a dice while it disappears, The Game soft-locks. Is there some way to fix it?

Yeah, that happens. All you can do is restart your game and try not to do that again next time

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Can you get 100% in Swing Factory in the Remastered Windows Build V2.1? The only ones I'm missing looking at some videos are the pizzas in the chicken room, which are not there.

Edit: I double checked and also the pizzas at the end are missing, just before the goal going up.

I too wonder that

Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

in Remastered Windows Build V2.1, I can't double jump, can you make sure that I can double jump?


who needs a double jump when you have a hookshot yo-yo?

but in some areas, I can't reach something

Hands down one of the most charming and all around enjoyable games I have ever played. I made this account just to show my appreciation towards the people who made this game. the controls are spot on and it fits just right in the early 90's aesthetic. I would love to see a sequel sometime in the future. But if it is not possible to make such a game, that is alright because it would be very difficult to top this masterpiece. Thank you so much! 10/10 Amazing job!

Here's a fanmade Noid time line:

1.  Yo Noid 1: He goes to some hotel or whatever to torment a pizza guy.

2. Avoid the Noid: He torments the pizza guy.

3. Yo noid 2: He goes back to his home only to have his yo-yo magically stolen and yeah.


Yo! Noid 3 please. PLEASE. I need more.


Yo! Noid III: Your ass gets destroid

Yeah but where's Yo! Noid 3


What controller support was this specifically for? Because it seems like it's just assigning things at random and I can't get it to remap properly because it thinks there's input when there isn't.

I dont know if this is a problem with anyone's else game but when the game starts and finishes the first cut scene the camera will be spinning and i am not using a controller on windows 10

Deleted 3 years ago

a u t o s a v i n g .

but when i try to press continue nothing happens and it makes a little niose. well i already beat the game, so it doesnt matter anymore


Ahead of its time. An essential part of every gamer's arsenal.


Does anyone know why the camera constantly revolves around the Noid when you start the game? I'm using my PS4 controller on my laptop with a touchscreen. I'm still unsure what is causing it though. 

Old comment, but i encounter the same problem with my PS4 controller too. Ive seen it happen with multiple different games built in Unity

Does anyone know how to save the game on windows? I’ve looked everywhere and I still have no idea why it won’t save. 

i have the same problem

will the game of a year come to mac

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Does this work with 32 bit computers? (i am on windows 7)

rip your on 7 get 10/11

yag mum


when will a remastered version come for mac?

im having some problems downloding the game

get yourself a .rar file exporter

I never noticed the New Game + feature before!! Did a Green run. Now I need to figure out what the other three mysteries are...

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Hey, is there a way I can invert the camera's y-axis?


this could be a ps1 game.

Deleted post

Guys! I found secret pizza chicken where Anais is.

Also that unreachable cable lift behind a wall near the space rocket? And also that house you only see when you're flying off to the moon? How do you get there! And is it possible to unlock more than one new character for New Game +? That's all I have to say to this long dead comment section, thank you. Game's great.


yo noid regular mode: ps one graphics


Does anybody have a list of the Unity plugins used? I THINK they were in the endgame credits. 

finally i have beaten this game it was pretty fun and pretty good too

Please make a bigger collect-a-thon game, It would be incredibly awesome!



one of the most influential video games ever made

How do I play this? Trying to click it simply flashes the command window, then nothing.


Thank you for making this. Its made my day better


Can you build a Mac version of the remaster?

We're working on it! Apologies for the delay.

When you're done with Mac, mabe you could do Linux too?

umm i dunno what to do about the controls since the only conroler i have is ps 3 controller only the left analog seems to work halp pls

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 4 years ago


I think I've got my gamecube controller firing properly, I can send you a screenshot of my bindings I think? (I'm using the official adapter and the driver built for it)


Recorded a playthrough, had a blast! Well, other than the temple, lol. The use of the retro aesthetic was really on point, few games handle that half as well.

Are the joycons compatible with this? Im having some trouble with it, I cant really change the inputs and the only thing i can do with the joycons is jump, im on the mac build btw. Thanks!

Indeed this is good, i'd like to know on what engine this was made because of some cool details like the textures stretching from the Playstation, this is a neet little detail, i wonder how it was made 



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