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The wall-running wall-jumping rope-swinging combo platforming is too fun. I haven't played a ton of 3D games that have this many moves. I felt as though this got me a little closer to platformer enlightenment. Seriously, from a technical standpoint this is pretty impressive. I have no clue how to code most of these type of physics.

EDIT: Looking at the credits I found a Unity plugin, Super Character Controller. Gotta check this out...

For some reason, when playing with an x-box controller the buttons don't work. And when I did a controller test it showed all of the buttons working perfectly. Can anyone elaborate?

For some reason, Unity reads XBox controllers wrong. Because the XBox controllers have analogue triggers, Unity counts them as analogue sticks, and maps walking to them. When I tried with my controller, pressing down the right trigger both moved the camera down and made me move right, while letting go of the right trigger moves the camera up and makes me move left. I'm pretty sure you can fix it in the input tab when launching the game (Although, doing so on my mac causes the program to freeze)


it won't let me download


For some reason my X-Box controller won't work properly with the game! Left is up and right is down! Down is left and up is right! What's going on?

I thought I'd pop this game in for a few minutes and have a few chuckles and found myself playing for over an hour now. The devs captured the essence of a Playstation One era game almost perfectly. Hats off to you! Can't wait to cover this and other food chain based games in an upcoming Pixel Pals on!

I wish I were the Noid IRL.

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Have you ever wanted to live a fever dream? Have you ever wanted to feel the ripples and shifts in reality as though they were ripples and shift in your own flesh? Have you ever wanted to glitch out on the corner of a staircase? Have you ever wanted to feel the embrace of something you don't understand, something entirely new, yet somehow familiar?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, please play this game, for you will find the answers within, as I have.


This is not just a game. It is a the slice that awakens your higher conscience. I am now one with the sauce that binds the layers of our multiverse together. I see the whole pie now not just a narrow ill informed slice. You my be annoid at first but if you play you will see. 

so good

Help ! I'm unable to bind any inputs to my controller, and the Yo-yo abilities aren't functioning.. I downloaded the MAC build and overtime i try and set inputs for my PS3 controller, a pop up titled "Input Configuration"comes up with the phrase "Press the button or key for [ACTION]" and it appears to have a loading animation in the window and it doesn't stop when I press a key or button.  Do you have any idea whats going on?

Unfortunately, the version of Unity the game is built in has issues with input config on Macs...


How in the world do you run this? Do I need a separate program that can play RAR. files???

extract using winrar, 7zip, etc, then the executable file should be inside, double click that 2 play

I'm decently surprised. I expected a small, 30 minute or so project with maybe one or two things going for it, but nothing special.

Instead, I got a really good game, with tight controls, cool game mechanics, an interesting setup, and good music and sound design.

I would pay money for something like this.

Honestly so amazing and so inspiring.

i am too scared to download


don't be it's awesome.

hi, could you please add an option to invert both axes of the right stick/camera controls? please and thanks

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Can't play the game, it runs so slow, that I could only pass the Dominos pizza cartel, it gave me a headache.

System Specs 

***OLD***Cant wait to play it, Nes version was hella good... i assume this one's better..Thanks 

This is astonishingly good. Congrats!!!

this rules

p i z z a 

Is it bad that I'm seriously considering seeking advice or possibly even work from y'all on a possible Unity project?

listen u all, i have not stopped thinking abt this game ever.....very nice game about pizza yoyo boy,,,, it has rlly nice music too and i just LOVE the spritework it's very cute! good character designs for the little pizza topping friends also.. the level design and like, the game design in general is very very much like ps1 games which is really nice i love how it just rlly feels like how an official domino's game would be i guess??? i love it!!! and some of the little references to the original ads also,, i'm rlly into obscure-ish foodmascot stuff and history and all that junk SO seeing those nods 2 the old commercials was TOTALLY RAD! i have too much love in my heart for this game, very good masterpiece made by talented ppl. ABSO-LUTELY ahead of it's time. 11/10 i literally just made this account to leave a long nice review :o]

Damn... That was way too fun.

cheesy on my peeny boii



i like dominos pizza

I have a pink screen when i boot up the game. I have OS version 1511 of windows 10 pro using an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.0.  help.

I have the same problem!

Hey, I'm having problems trying to run the game. do you know how to make the game run?


Me and a few of my friends all played through this and we all came to the same conclusion. For a whole month of work, this is probably the greatest game ever created(okay, maybe not, but it's still very impressive). I love the PS1 aesthetic and the controls, while a bit floaty, are very enjoyable. The amount of freedom you have when it comes to movement is very refreshing and it kinda reminded me of Mario 64. The Yo-Yo is great and really makes this game unique compared to the(relatively small) number of 3D platformers out there. I'd love to see something like this expanded into a longer game.

I keep on trying to open the game with Internet Explorer and whenever I select "Open" it opens a small page that immediately closes. Can anyone help? 

When I plug in my PS4 controller, the camera just keeps spinning around Noid. I've also tried it with DS4Windows and it still happens. Any tips?

Make sure you don't move you sticks while the controller is connecting, that could be your issue.


I tried mapping the controls to a separate controller, but screwed it up. Now it's permanently messed up unless there is a way to reset the controls to default that i missed. I have already tried deleting it and re downloading. Please help  

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Hey, really enjoyed almost every aspects of the game. Level design, music and sfx, platforming physics, etc.  Really captured the best elements of games back then and today. 

There was one big error I found in  Domino Dungeon. At the top level are 3 doors, 2 purple, 1 red that are all accessed via the alternating wall jumping. 1 purple opens a door that seems to lead to an unfinished outside section of the level that does not provide a key, 1 purple door with a red key behind it, and the red door which has the pizza box to complete the level. However, in order to get to the 2nd purple door with the key, you must pull a level right next to the 1st purple door to the unfinished level.
     On my first attempt of the level, I used a key to open the 1st door before the 2nd and was stuck because there was no way to navigate the incomplete portion and I could not find any extra keys within Domino Dungeon. I had to exit the game and try DD a second time, but skipping that first door completely and pulling the lever next to it in order to  access the 2nd purple door. 
     Not sure if that 1st door is bugged, or I missed something that allowed me to navigate the first door, but still is a problem either way because the level can completed by just using a normal key on the 2nd purple door and gaining the red key.

Really look forward to more work from you guys!


It sounds like you missed a key. Happy to see you did an alternate strat for the dungeon though 8)


I'm just curious, but has the dice not spawning during the final boss glitch not been fixed yet? I first downloaded the game when it came out, and this glitch caused me to stop playing for a couple weeks. I downloaded it again today and copied the save data file into the new version and the glitch is still occuring.

Have you guys thought of making a level editor for this?  this game seems like it could benefit off of that sort of thing 

When I started the Game, The entire screen was pink. I could still play but through the pinkness, it would be foolish. Help.

Could you list what GPU and OS version your system has?

I have OS version 1511 of windows 10 pro using an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.0.



Deleted 1 year ago

Were you using a keyboard or a controller?

A bit of a question but, can we expect updates to this game in the future? i really am hoping so, i can see this game with alot of potientail for alot of things, including potential enemies and several bosses as well

I hope so too, it is such a fun game that could be even better with only length added to it.

Having a lot of fun with it, but my game never saves (Mac version).

It saves with PlayerPrefs, right?  I can't find it in the Library.

When I get in the game the camera keeps revolving around Noid and I can't stop it or move the camera.  Any help?

What kind of controller are you using? Have you tried unplugging any second controllers you might also have plugged in?

I'm using a PS4 DualShock 4 but I also have a drawing tablet plugged in. And after unplugging it in I still had the problem and realized it was my mouse that was pulling down and after pushing up on the mouse the camera would change BUT when I let go of the mouse (and it was completely still) it would go back to revolving while looking up. Also now I have another issue where I changed some of the controls and I can't reset them to default so there are some actions like jumping, that I can't do.

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