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i want yo noise! FR

im excited to try this out! i'll give you a rating once i finish it.

the tutorial was too hard so i gave up

But i dont think its not bad, its just too hard

Deleted 38 days ago

This game's pretty good, though I absolutely despised the difficulty of Domino Dungeon. Regrettably I first heard about this from a Pizza Tower meme made by someone who's supposedly racist and transphobic. Not saying any names though to avoid backlash.

I hate the domino's  dungeon

Hello I come back a year later to ask once again
why does my save get erased when I close the game?
It just won't save
I am on windows, and it seems like I'm not the only one with this problem

is your directory read only? this could be the issue


pizza tower scoutdigo is my favorite modem


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i am playing as the goise, unused character in final game


I am trying to get the p rain

then I'm gonna fite beppermun


Do you know how bad of a person Denchick is?

dont hate the game, hate the player

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Don't worry, I'm not hating the game.

awesome! i love it when my save gets wiped! what the hell happened?

and no, i did not click new game. i simply quit the game, played it again a few days later and now all my progress is gone.


i love this game


cool game

btw pizza tower: scoutdigo is my favorite pizza tower modem


Do you know how bad of a person Denchick is?

who is denchick?


Denchick is a pedophile who is racist and homophobic.

bruh ok

where you goin?


I'm pedophile lol

I don't care if it was a joke or not, but that is not a funny thing to joke about.


certified hood classic

pls how do you play this pls pls tell pls pl


How do i play this?


When i quit the game and reopen it my save file just wont open




I have been listening to the final boss theme for two hours now I cannot stop

i killed the new xavi

How do I play? I mean like how do you start up the game?

Hello, I tried to play this game with my switch pro controller on steam but attempting to register the button bindings screwed it all up, and I don't know how to set the bindings back to the default... Is there any assistance you can give me??

you can play it!


i love this game. is it normal that it doesnt save ? i mean that you dont open the game to the exact spot where you left off?

I can't play game of a year version on 32-bit Windows.

I know this is not the answer you're looking for, but 32-bit OSes have been obsolete since forever now. Personally, I'd just upgrade your installation.





true fact


i'm playing as the goise


pizza tower scoutdigo is my favoarite gamzing


my balls are exploding

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"pizza face you fuck" (i created an account specifically for this)


This isn't even funny.


the goise piss towel real


Is there any chance we could get a Linux version to play on the Steam Deck?

I don't have a Steam Deck (yet) but i can confirm that it runs with usebottles/Bottles on my Linux, with most of the dependencies installed. Otherwise, if you want to play it with the Steam client, i think you can add the game to Steam (you need to enable Steam Proton) as a non-steam game and launch the game in Steam (in desktop mode).

i run the game thru lutris with wine. Works great


excited for the big catch


why is this game so good like bruh its really fun for a game that only has 3 levels (or 4 if you include the final boss level) good job guys really like this game!

the game won't save :c
every time I close it I lose my progress


Are you on Mac? If so, put it in its own folder. I had a similar problem and it was just because a different Unity game had a save file in the same folder and it couldn't get overwritten

I am on windows 

how to play the game


make a app Of yo noid 2

please make more


They are check the kickstarter for their new game that has the vibe of this one. It looks awsome


theres a dab button 14/3 would play again


Can we have a Linux Version?

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This game is a masterpiece!
It has spectacular gameplay, clever level design, hilarious jokes, and cool references.
Playing it years ago was very inspiring for me as a game developer. I appreciate the work made by the devs! :D

can u plz help me i tried to connect my nintendo switch joystick but could not and then the game easily became unplayable


i played this on stream last night and i absolutely loved it, the whole experience was so nostalgic and the game is so well-made. music and graphics are amazing. thank you for creating this, i had a great time!! 

(link to stream for anyone who's curious)

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This is like post-shitposting, where instead of making bad content for fun, you create good, high effort content disguised as bad content. This is one of the best and innovative platformers I've played in a long time. Great work.


the game is very funny but one bad thing is at the final of the game is very creppy and i scare and confused


that's the point

also "creppy" LMAO


How do I run a .7z file?

Try 7zip


lol u have to extrat it first using something like winrar or jzip, then launch the executable from the extracted folder , enjoy

Fun Game! reminds me of macbat 64 and Toree 3d


awesome game! downloaded it but it's too hard it's great but I need help.

please respond with something.

its eaiser with an xbox 360 controller

thanks i gusse

hey how to play 

I found a glitch, when I open the game, its always doing the down input, so on the  main menu when I press up it goes down and down does nothing and in game, my character moves in a circle and camera always moves down, after days, nothing I have done fixed this, what do I do?

I'm on the remaster btw and if I download a new one it does the same glitch.


this game is really good but that tomato part scared the ever-living crap out of me.

How do you make him wall jump on Windows without a controller? In other words, how do you make him jump off walls using just the keyboard? I literally can't get past the very first level because I can't figure out how to do this. I forget which if I have remastered or legacy.

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