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help It wont open for me I tried the legacy and remastered edition it still wont open


Camera just spins in circles on the remastered version on Windows 10 for me. The Legacy version works but I couldn't figure out what to do at the big Dominos crates after jumping across the rocks in the water, so I quit there. Seems fun though.

i managed to softlock myself in the hook factory. running the remastered windows build v2.1 on windows 10 x64. more details on the video description

oof! nice... i'm not hu- -splint- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



very pog

I'm trying to play the game, but before I even see the game, I get a crash message. I'm running Windows 10 and have tried both the Remastered and Legacy Windows builds. 

got it to work, just had to uninstall Citrix Workspace

It does't open for me

a mi no

RIP Mac Ver. I'm almost 100% sure that a remastered build won't come out for mac since fangames get the short end of the stick on mac

Deleted 2 years ago



this is terrible theres so many things that make you sit there trying over and over again trying to get out of some shit spot learn how to make games that dont have 5 million spots to get stuck i


updated a day ago? what changed?


First, let me just say that I LOVE this game. I never played the original Yo Noid! game, but I do know what happens in it, and this is an incredibly fun fanmade sequel to it. It was giving me serious vibes of Playstation games, the kinds where there's a neutral "lobby" type of area that has portals that lead you to different levels, and you need to beat them all before advancing to the next stage (Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Pacman: 10th Anniversary are good examples), and that, coupled with the similar polygonal graphics, did give me some nostalgic feelings. The mechanics were also really clever, with the parkour that the Noid was able to do and using his yo-yo like Spiderman's webs, and even a final boss fight that only required the use of the yo-yo, without punching or shooting guns or other fighting mechanics ever showing up! Some of the exchanges between the Noid and the characters were also pretty funny, and I do love how there's extra Noids to unlock, giving this game lots of replay value.

However, that does lead me to the one problem I have with the game. As much as I love it, it's really annoying that I can't unlock all the characters. I can unlock Mr. Green and Cappy, but I can't unlock Fast, or, through that, Mikoid. I actually had this issue a long time ago, where Swing Factory wasn't giving me the PEPPERONI PASSION, whereas Plizz Anet and Domino Dungeon were. A month ago, I see that you said in this comments section that the version of Yo Noid! II that's available now should have that fixed, so I downloaded it and tried it out. In this new version, Plizz Anet and Swing Factory did give me the PEPPERONI PASSION, but now Domino Dungeon doesn't, once again preventing me from unlocking Fast. Is there some way you can fix this so that all three of the levels will give the PEPPERONI PASSION upon collecting all the pizzas? I got really frustrated (dare I say, annoid) trying to play the level over and over again, seeing if there was one pizza that I missed, only to realize that I was indeed getting all of them but the level just wasn't giving me the PEPPERONI PASSION. I really want to unlock Fast and I'm sure many others do as well, so, if possible, please fix the game so that Fast is unlockable.

All in all, I give this game a solid 9/10! I'd give it a 10/10 if all the characters were unlockable, so if that actually gets fixed in the future, then it'll raise my score to a perfect 10/10. But other than that, I really have no complaints with this game. It's funny, engaging, has good replay value, great mechanics, an early Playstation vibe that hits me with nostalgia, and even a catchy soundtrack! The first level (where the Noid needs to get his yo-yo again) has music and an environment that's an homage to the first Yo Noid! game, Plizz Anet has a bouncy and adventurous rhythm to its music, Swing Factory has a very jazzy and energetic theme (giving the "swing" in its title another meaning), Domino Dungeon has mysterious music very reminiscent of ancient Egypt, and the Noid Void and ??? have very eerie and unsettling music as well. This game has a lot more effort put into it than I thought it would, and I LOVE IT. It left me wanting more, and I do hope there's a sequel to this sequel. :)

I also love the game with its theme from an old Play Station game

Will a remastered build come out for Mac?

I really loved this game, Are you guys planning on making other 3D platformers like this?

please fix the game so you can collect all the ronis again, thx


Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

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The version of Game of a Year Edition on this page is still v2.1 from 2018. Will 100%'ing the game ever be possible?



then I downloaded the game it asks me what to  open it with. what do I open it with? thamks


winrar or 7zip (both of them are free u can download them off the net)

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I am dying without being able to unlock Crust 40 and Vocal Noid. I just wanna collect the pepperonis. Please god please just let me collect all the pepperonis in Swing Factory. I am playing the Windows Remastered V2.1 Build and I collect every pepperoni but I don't get to hear the serenade of "Pepperoni Passion~" at the end of the stage and it has been plaguing my soul for weeks on end. I love this game I need Fast and Mikoid now I will cry real tears

~Love, Ninjabobo


I am also having that problem. I wonder why


Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 


I love you

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Yo noid 3, the big pizza


I'm sorry... W H A T

This game is pretty nice, I love the art style, the gameplay and the story. It's fun to play, and I hope there's a third game of it.


How can I 100% swing factory?
It doesnt work for me


Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Apparently on the final boss, If you catch a dice while it disappears, The Game soft-locks. Is there some way to fix it?

Yeah, that happens. All you can do is restart your game and try not to do that again next time

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Can you get 100% in Swing Factory in the Remastered Windows Build V2.1? The only ones I'm missing looking at some videos are the pizzas in the chicken room, which are not there.

Edit: I double checked and also the pizzas at the end are missing, just before the goal going up.

I too wonder that

Thank you for your report! The version of that game that is now available should be fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

in Remastered Windows Build V2.1, I can't double jump, can you make sure that I can double jump?


who needs a double jump when you have a hookshot yo-yo?

but in some areas, I can't reach something

Hands down one of the most charming and all around enjoyable games I have ever played. I made this account just to show my appreciation towards the people who made this game. the controls are spot on and it fits just right in the early 90's aesthetic. I would love to see a sequel sometime in the future. But if it is not possible to make such a game, that is alright because it would be very difficult to top this masterpiece. Thank you so much! 10/10 Amazing job!

Here's a fanmade Noid time line:

1.  Yo Noid 1: He goes to some hotel or whatever to torment a pizza guy.

2. Avoid the Noid: He torments the pizza guy.

3. Yo noid 2: He goes back to his home only to have his yo-yo magically stolen and yeah.


Yo! Noid 3 please. PLEASE. I need more.


Yo! Noid III: Your ass gets destroid

Yeah but where's Yo! Noid 3


What controller support was this specifically for? Because it seems like it's just assigning things at random and I can't get it to remap properly because it thinks there's input when there isn't.

I dont know if this is a problem with anyone's else game but when the game starts and finishes the first cut scene the camera will be spinning and i am not using a controller on windows 10

Deleted 3 years ago

a u t o s a v i n g .

but when i try to press continue nothing happens and it makes a little niose. well i already beat the game, so it doesnt matter anymore


Ahead of its time. An essential part of every gamer's arsenal.


Does anyone know why the camera constantly revolves around the Noid when you start the game? I'm using my PS4 controller on my laptop with a touchscreen. I'm still unsure what is causing it though. 

Old comment, but i encounter the same problem with my PS4 controller too. Ive seen it happen with multiple different games built in Unity

Does anyone know how to save the game on windows? I’ve looked everywhere and I still have no idea why it won’t save. 

i have the same problem

will the game of a year come to mac

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Does this work with 32 bit computers? (i am on windows 7)

rip your on 7 get 10/11

yag mum


when will a remastered version come for mac?

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